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Europe With Alice

On March 9, 1929 Alice T. Miner and three friends embarked on a journey to Europe. Alice wrote about the trip in a small black leather travel journal given to her as a Valentine's Day gift by Will. In addition, she bought numerous postcards in the places they visited and wrote dates on each one to record when they experienced these cities, sites and landmarks. This post is a continuation of their journey, to read earlier installments you can go to the first article, the second article, or the third article by clicking the words. You can also just scroll down the home page of the blog to get to the earlier installments.

When we left Alice and her friends they had just spent the day with a guide named Mr. Gallo who showed them around Ravello, Amalfi and Sorrento. Alice writes,

"Mar 27th
Got up early. I will never forget our lovely rooms in the Tramontano Hotel We overlooked Bay of Naples & it was lovely. We shopped and bought shawls, inlaid boxes & lace table cloths. Started for Pompeii at 11AM. Had an interesting drive to Pompeii. Had same guide and chauffer. The drive was lovely. Lunched at Grand Hotel where manager recognized me, having spent years in the Waldorf. Spent two hours seeing the excavations. Returned to Hotel Vesuve feeling very tired."

Tramontano Hotel

Pompeii - artists rendition on the top half and photograph of the same spot below - very interesting!

Mar 28th
Naples, Hotel Vesuve
Took motor to National Museum. Had guide for two hours. Saw Pompeiian relics, statuary, jewels, mosaics and spent a short time in the Art Gallery.
Went & had lunch at Belolino. Beautiful view of Naples & the Bay. Delicious food and we all felt like a million dollars. Enjoyed everything. Went to the Am. Ex. & shopped near by. Bought hand colored photos of Naples, Sorrento and Ravello from Bowinkle's Art Store. Also two silhouettes. Bought antique pin, Mother of pearl & small turquoises. Had fun. 

Pompeii Anglo American Hotel - says "Mar 29 lunched..." on back

Mar 29th
Went to Am. Ex. Bought nothing. Walked through principal street. Saw narrow Italian flower market & also regular market street. Had luncheon Via Roma. The food tasted good but restaurant not very inviting. We wished to go to the ladies room, young man took us across the way & down stairs to a barber shop. Paid 4 Lira. Had a good laugh. Walked down Via Roma met man who had been in America. Also another who wished to go. Talked with them. Went to Sapios (?), Mrs. H bought necklace.

Mar 30th
En route from Naples to Rome
Left Naples at 9:10 arrived Rome at 12:15. It was a lovely ride through rich cultivated country. Many sheep & long horned cattle. Mts in distance. Stopped at Hotel de Russi, the best yet. We were treated like Queens. After a delicious luncheon we walked over to Am. Ex. where I got a long letter from Lou (her sister Louisa). Then drove to St. Peters and certainly was awed by the magnificent edifice. Talked with verger who told me, in French, that he would have seats in the chancel for four of us & to be there at 9:30. Had pleasant visit with two Chicago girls. Saw much of interest. Drove back in carriage. 

(At this point there is a gap in post cards so I will borrow from other sources for the purpose of illustration.)

St. Peter's

Mar 31st
Easter Sun. in Rome
Rec'd cable from Will. Arrived at St Peters at 9:30. Vast crowds were gathering. Had no difficulty in finding verger who gave us good seats in front. The pomp & display was wonderful to see. Cardinal Merry de Val celebrated Mass and the music was lovely. It was a beautiful warm day. We had luncheon at Fagians on Piazza Collona. Walked to Scala Spagna & mounted stairs to Pincio gardens where we sat, rested & enjoyed watching the people. In looking over the paraphet from the top of the hillwe found ourselves looking into the garden of our hotel. Birds were singing. Visited Santa Marie del Popolo. 

Santa Maria del Popolo

Apr 1st
Am. Ex. guide met us at 9:30 (Achille Renzi). Fine auto took us to Vatican. Saw the beautiful marble statues, Nero's dining room with marble fountain. Sistine Chapel. Bought 2 pictures. Bought rosary & had it blessed by Pope Pius 11th for Mrs. Jeffery. Returned to hotel for lunch & rested. At 2:30 started with guide visited the coliseum & down the Appian Way to church of Saint Sebastian & Catacombs. Back to hotel & had tea. Wrote letter to Lou. Had fine dinner. All well.

Alice T. Miner. Sylvia Silver, Laura Haynes, Jessica Johnson 
and the guide Achille Renzi in Rome

We will leave Alice and her companions enjoying their stay in Rome. 

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