Friday, April 10, 2009

Intimate Objects

With birds nesting and spring cleaning in full swing, I have been preparing the museum for our spring and summer visitors. Recently I put together a new exhibit in the Dining Room, and another in the first floor hall at The Alice. The museum collection holds a wide variety of wonderful treasured objects - pieces to interest a range of visitors and tastes; from Japanese prints and Sheraton furniture to engravings of famous statesman & poets, and silhouettes, ceramics, glassware, pottery, 18th century firearms, and rare books and manuscripts. Also within these walls that Alice and William Miner built remain some of their own intimate possessions.

the display with a photo of Will and my current
favorite photograph of Alice in the center

The museum also holds a large archive with many of the boxes filled with papers, letters and photographs belonging to Alice & William. Along with these records of their lives we have some of their personal belongings, including a few of the lovely gifts Will gave to Alice; a colorful Venetian brocade table cover, beaded purses and belts... oh, and some very sweet letters!

a few of Will's books and his fez complete with box!

Many of these objects are tucked away in what we call "The Miner Room" or "The Memento Room." I have brought some of my favorites together, converted the dining room table to a display space, covered it with the lovely Venetian brocade, and placed their intimate objects around the table for you to experience. In the center of the display I have placed a very handsome pair of silver-resist, green glass scent bottles with stoppers which were given to William Miner by Diamond Jim Brady, a friend and business associate.

letters from Will to Alice

Alice along with a cup and saucer from a set given
to Alice and William as a wedding gift in 1895

The new displays will only be on exhibit for a month, so come experience them for yourself. The Alice is open by appointment only for the month of April. On May 1 we will resume our regular hours: Tuesday - Saturday by guided tour, with tours starting at 10:00 am, noon, and 2:00 pm. For reservations please call 846-7336, or email me at